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So what's good writing really?


I used to have ideas about ‘writing’ and what it meant be a writer. None of them were true. Writing is a muscle, it’s a skill like any other. It’s not romantic or tortured. It’s simply about discipline and being humble enough to keep learning. Here are five of the many things I have learned about writing.


1. True persuasive writing means moving an audience, inspiring them to act and making them feel excited about taking that action.


2. Good storytelling is a delicate combination of powerful ideas, relevant psychographics, emotion and authenticity.


3. Great interviews are when the subject willingly exposes their vulnerabilities. Powerful speeches connect the audience and the speaker with an experience of shared humanity.


4. Masterful editing is about understanding the way an audience reads, then communicating suggestions in a way the writer can hear.


5. Being a woman of substance, kindness and integrity is more important than any of these things. Stay nice.


What’s my story?


I’m 38 years old, I live in Bali and I write every day. I’m an avid fan of badass adventures, martial arts and diving. Courageous people impress me. I admire colourful tattoos and I deeply love animals. I write because it makes my heart beat quickly. I write to relive the moments of this epic journey and I also write for money.



I have a BA in Writing Studies and a Post Grad in Persuasive Communication but if you’re interested in finding out what I really think about the world, follow my social feeds or just email me. In my experience, everything good starts with hello.

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